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Zeus 9 Person Premium Camping Tent

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The Zeus 9-Person Premium Camping Tent is a 20' x 19' x 7', waterproof tent. It will comfortably house a large group with its roomy living area, three 3-person rooms, and large entry way. It is another offering from our Premium Line, meaning it employs the latest innovation in tent poles – the Con-Struct (TM) Super-lite.


Similar to the Discovery, ComoIcarus, CapricornSarengo, Utah and Oberon, the Zeus is part of the 7-10 people range. With the Zeus, it is specifically designed to fit in a maximum of 9 people.

Despite its 9-person rating, it can better accommodate 8 people only. The sleeping rooms attached to the main pod are more suitable for 2 people instead of 3. It can also be used as a storage area freeing up space in the main hub which in exchange, can be used as a sleeping area at night. See the floor area map in the images gallery to get a better grip on the sleeping layout.

The Zeus 9 is an upgraded version of the Polaris. It is part of our Premium line which uses lightweight, high-tensile poles. At a weight of 17 kgs, it is on the lower end of the scale in 7-10 people range. However, if you need something even lighter you can check out Icarus which weighs in at only 15.6 kgs.  

It has a standing height of 180 cm at main hub which makes it perfect if you are particularly tall. If height is not much of an issue, you can see our tents with lower heights like the Oberon, IcarusComo, Capricorn which range from 200 – 215 cm.

It packs down to 78 x 46 x 33cm, placing it in the middle of the scale in terms of packed sized. For something smaller, you might want to get the Icarus 9 which packs down to only 78 x 46 x 24cm,the smallest packed size in the 7-10 people range.


These poles are heavy-duty, light-weight and high-tensile making up for a sturdy frame. It will also create a tight pull on the tent sleeves, creating a fuller shape and maximizing the space inside. In the unlikely event that any of the poles break, replacing it won't cause you a fortune or a headache. They are very similar to the standard PVC pipes from your local hardware store – all you need to do is to cut them to size.


You can stay in and relax when it starts pouring. The 210T polyester taffeta rain fly is coated with 3000mm polyurethane making it completely waterproof. You don't have to worry about the seams either because they have 6-7 stitches per inch and are fully-taped. Plus, the polyethylene, tub-style groundsheet will keep the water and bugs out.


The inner tent is breathable 190T polyester. Mesh panels and mesh vents are built into both the rain fly and doors, improving air circulation inside the tent. This means your living and sleeping areas will stay cool and that condensation is reduced.


The Zeus 9 will stand strong and in shape, even in unexpected strong wind conditions. The large PP webbing straps are strategically-positioned to create maximum resistance and tension, maintaining the tent's dome shape even under a heavy downpour. Then it is secured to the ground with large ABS tent stakes which are lighter but stronger than steel stakes (Note: The Zeus 9 is not designed to withstand gale force winds and hurricanes).


Setting up the Zeus 9 is less time consuming and uncomplicated. It uses fewer guy ropes and tent stakes, lowering the risk of losing important assembly pieces and reducing the tripping hazard. The guy ropes are also woven with reflective 3M Scotch-lite thread for improved visibility in low-light conditions. Lastly, it comes with an illustrated and easy-to-read manual.


The Zeus 9 is a well-crafted tent that will serve your family for a long time. Nevertheless, your order comes with a 12-month warranty which will allow to you to get a replacement should your tent have manufacturer defects.


  • heavy-duty, recyclable, high-tension , easily replaceableCon-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles
  • dense 210T polyester taffeta rain fly
  • 30000mm polyurethane waterproof coating
  • 6-7 stitches per inch, fully-taped seams
  • lightweight breathable 190T polyester inner tent
  • polyethylene, tub-style groundsheet in the entire tent
  • reflective 3M Scotch-lite thread woven into the guy ropes
  • fewer assembly pieces
  • simplified design
  • ABS tent stakes – lighter but stronger than conventional steel stakes
  • Capacity/Berth:  9 people
  • Assembled dimensions: 27'x24'x8' 
  • Pole packed dimension:  2'x1'x1' 
  • Packed dimensions: 3' x 1' x 1'
  • Total Weight: 51lbs 


Your Questions Answered

From Ed:

Hi. Would just like to ask what tent this is? Is it a good big family tent?


Hi Ed, the tent you're referring to is the Zeus 9 Person tent. It is very popular. However, you may also want to purchase the Polaris tent which is version where the Zeus was originally formed from. Polaris also includes lots of new features, and a bigger build like all our 10+ People tents.

Warranty Information

We understand that peace of mind is important, especially when buying online. As such, you can rest assured that products purchased from Camping Cove come with a full 12 month manufacturer's warranty on all products, parts and accessories. Read the warranty page for further details. We also offer a 14 day "No Hassle" return guarantee. For full details please check the returns policy page.


Write your own product review

  1. 1st CEC Purchase Experience

    Posted by on

    I do not normally write reviews for products, but lately it seems like anything I buy I am a review junky prior to purchase, so I thought I would give a little back to those like me that want real information prior to making a large purchase.

    I did a ton of research on tents prior to this first purchase with CEC and there is a lot of garbage out there. I never thought of half of the things to look for in tent materials and quality. For the most part, I had been buying tents based solely on pricing and looks. Doing the research you will find as I did that the materials, stitching and quality of materials of these CEC tents really standout above anything in a similar price point. By the way this is the only tent I have found in this price range to make the claim of being "waterproof" not water resistant.

    So here is my 1st purchase experience so far. There seemed to be two major sites that you could use to purchase a CEC product: Camping Cove or the CEC home site. Both seemed to offer similar products, there did seem to be some slight product availability differences, which is why I chose the Camping Cove site (they had the tent I wanted in stock). Both sites seemed to be set up the same and both seemed to lack a 1-800 contact number. I almost did not order this tent specifically because of this. I am also still very concerned that should I need to speak with someone, I am just out of luck. It seems the have an instant chat and email available, hopefully this will not be an issue.

    The tent I purchased was the Zuess 9. This appeared to be the right size for my family and I and I loved the separate Pod design with such a large center gathering area. I am hoping it will not be too big for site camping, its footprint seems to be right around 650 total sq feet. The CEC site had the same tent, but it was in a brown color instead of the green and in the pictures did not seem to have the same pockets built into each room side panel.

    My order experience has been flawless for this point. I ordered this tent online on 5/19. I received an immediate email notification with delivery details and a status update with what to expect next. Next day my order status was updated as shipped with tracking numbers via Fed Ex. I am currently waiting to receive my order which is estimated to arrive today.

    I will be posting a series of you tube videos on the product unpacking, set up and use. Looking forward to a great product and a great camping experience with my family.


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